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Sustaining International Sisters July! 

Celebrating Creativity in July with Sustaining International Sisters was delightful! We InterPlayed for 90 minutes and then shared a potluck meal!

During the more than three hours we spent together, we had 28 women come together. Countries represented were China, South Korea, Turkey, UK, and the United Sates. 


“Move is a treasure map and you are the treasure.” - Cynthia Winton-Henry, Move: What the Body Wants. We played around with drawing, using our voices, movement and telling stories.


One of our American sisters read her poem to us. Laura from Colombia shared a traditional dance. Our Turkish sister Serpil played on a special wind Turkish instrument called "Ney". Our American sister Ariela played a Turkish instrument called "Saz". At the end of our time we celebrated our Korean sister Junghyun's marriage with a Turkish style henna party. Full of creativity, full of connection, full of play with joy! 


We are the treasure! Sisters stayed longer than usual for a Creativity Share - wow! We discovered more treasures and more connections were made and friendships deepened.

"The body wants to play. In fact, some think the answer to the question, 'Will you play with me?' may be more important than the answer to 'Do you love me?' Play with me and I know I belong." - Cynthia Winton-Henry, in her book, Move: What the Body Wants

"Our willingness to play tells the truth about our desire to be ourselves with someone," writes Cynthia Winton-Henry. In InterPlay Atlanta's monthly Sustaining International Sisters "play and potluck," that is what we are doing! Women from around the world have come together across the metro-Atlanta area to "play" with one another through the gift of InterPlay. Using this active creative way to unlock the wisdom of the body allows us to come together across our differences to be known, to be connected, and to support one another. 

"You don't have to play at the same level or intensity or ability. People of all ages, races, abilities, genders, sexualities, histories, gifts and curses become potential playmates," writes Cynthia.

In this video, we are celebrating ourselves and our creativity in community through play! And, of course, food!

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