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Sustaining International Sisters April!

April 2020 Sustaining International Sisters: InterPlay Atlanta. We did it! In this time of physical distancing, SIS met, InterPlayed, and stayed together for 2.5 hours establishing a warm group body.


We had moments of laughter and tears. We are women from all over the world who would normally meet in Decatur in the social hall of the First Christian Church. Now through the miracles of the Internet, we are able to continue meeting and supporting each other despite our need to be quarantined.


Today, we were delighted to see both new and familiar faces at our first online Atlanta SIS. Was it only March 7th that we were physically together?


Present online were women from Brazil, Mexico, Korea, Jamaica, Pakistan, Israel, Italy, Turkey, Philippines, and Argentina as well as American women from Atlanta, Seattle and Boston.


Canan Arikan and Ruth Schowalter co-led this play and potluck for 22 women. 

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