InterPlay is an active, creative way to unlock the wisdom of the body.InterPlay integrates body, mind, heart and spirit. Life has become so fragmented. InterPlay helps to pull everything back together so we get more of what we want.

InterPlay is devoted to fun. It teaches the language and ethic of play in a deep and powerful way. If you are convinced that seriousness is the path to inner wisdom, then you might want to look elsewhere. If you would like to become a “recovering serious person,” then InterPlay might be for you.

InterPlay is firmly based in affirmation and looking for the good. You don’t have to think of yourself as creative in order to do InterPlay. We can teach you that part easily. We get far too much criticism in our lives already. We need to spend more time in the warm bath of acceptance.


InterPlay is the perfect antidote to stress and cynicism.

InterPlay is a community of people around the world who speak the shared language of a wide and deep variety of play. It is a body of bodies who enjoy contact and connection. You don”t have to dive in the deep end of InterPlay to learn and benefit from it, but it does exist and some wonderful folks are “swimming” there.

InterPlay has been developed by Cynthia Winton-Henry and Phil Porter over the last twenty years and it has spread around the world.

InterPlay Co-Founders

Cynthia Winton–Henry and Phil Porter co–direct Body Wisdom, Inc., an NGO that shares InterPlay®, a practice and philosophy they created over the course of a 35-year collaboration. The InterPlay tools draw out the wisdom of the body through creative practice.

As artists, teachers, performers, speakers and writers, Phil and Cynthia are committed to fostering ease, creativity and community through the integration of body, mind, spirit, and heart. InterPlay is both transformative and fun.

InterPlay Atlanta

InterPlay Atlanta is a 501c3 nonprofit that uses improvisational structured play to foster freedom and joy, decrease stress and build just communities.

InterPlay, an art form that anyone can do, has been gaining momentum in Atlanta for the past seven years since 2008.


Participants are invited into movement, song, story, stillness and connection through easy incremental steps. InterPlay honors and celebrates the unique expression of each individual in an affirmative and welcoming environment. 

Atlanta's InterPlay offerings continue to grow in 2019. Currently, there are four regular offerings each month: 

Sustaining International Sisters takes place on the First Saturday of every month in Decatur.

Second Saturday takes place each month at the Little Five Points Community Center. 

Suburb Sundays Norcross meets on third Sundays.

Spirit Play meets in Decatur on fourth Friday mornings. 

In addition to these regular offerings, special InterPlay sessions, series of playshops, performance jams, and InterPlay untensives are being offered. 

In addition, InterPlay Atlanta's performance troupe, the Soulprint Players, performs in the community.

The certified InterPlay leaders in Atlanta are:
Ruth Schowalter

Canan Arikan - Leader in Training

Jennifer Denning
Christine Nichols Gautreaux
Carolyn Renee
Francie Wallace

Foluke Beveridge - Leader in Training

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