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Online Global SIS: InterPlay

June 2020

On the eve of the Summer Solstice and Father's Day, 19 of us SISters from around the world gathered for two hours of InterPlay. We played around with time, the men in our lives, and strength, unity, and hope through persistence.

We are stronger together! Many thanks to Mary Silayillah who led the InterPlay one-hand-dance today for online Global SIS: InterPlay. We moved to the song "Rise Up" by Andra Day. We were joined for first time by Gabriele Panning from Germany and Tara Ahmadi from Iran. We were excited to have other SISters drop in even if they couldn't stay the entire time. Noris Nunez from Panama, Sara M. Motlaghian and Zohreh Sarichloofrom Iran but living in Georgia, USA, and Belfast respectively dropped in. Yue Cao and Chun Fang from China began the two-hour Global SIS with us but the internet connection was not good and they ended up not staying the entire time. Yue Cao wrote that the "sister connection was good while the internet connection was not." We had SISters from Turkey, Canan Arikan, Fusun Atesmen, and Guldane Sahinkayasi with us. Diana Elizabethfrom Argentina and Swagatika Kamila from India were on. We were also joined by American citizen SISters, Xanne Sarka, Rachel Henning, Evelyn Pasqua, Cantey Smith, Marcia, Mary Silayillah, and me. 


We are so grateful for our worldwide community of women who come together for a few short hours of InterPlay.

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