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SISlet: A Small Gathering of International Women Moving at the Speed of the Body for New SISters

" It’s 7:30 PM in China and 7:30 AM on the east coast of the United States. Twelve women have gathered to welcome Chun Fang to Sustaining International Sisters (SIS) and InterPlay. We will play for one-hour only and have no more than 12 SISters. Hence the term “sislet.” “-Let” is a diminutive suffix that attaches to nouns to denote smallness (i.e. booklet, piglet). A usual SIS: InterPlay gathering will last two hours and have more than 20 women.


Online Global SIS connects women globally to form friendships through InterPlay, an active creative way to unlock the wisdom of the body. As we grow our SISterhood, we are discovering that newcomers need to “move at the speed of their bodies” both in language and playful movement, voicing, and storytelling. SISlets give us the opportunity to offer incremental steps into the world of InterPlay, offering “bite-size” explanations about InterPlay tools and forms.

Yue Cao, returned to China in the fall of 2019 after doing a lot of SIS InterPlay in Atlanta. She immediately began inviting her friends and classmates to try online Global SIS, which we started in November 2019 to stay in play with Yue. Today's newcomer Chun Fang was Yue's classmate for 4 years. We welcomed her today in this first SISlet." - Ruth Schowalter

You will read more about the first "SISlet" in the article which is written by InterPlay Leader and SIS co-founder Ruth Schowalter. You will find the link below.

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