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Online Global SIS: InterPlay

Happy Valentine's Day!

February 2020

InterPlay Atlanta's Sustaining International Sisters (SIS) is finding a way to stay in touch with international women (sisters) once they leave Atlanta return home to their countries with Global SIS: InterPlay.

We are part of the magic through the miracle of the Internet and the Zoom platform. We women from around the world connect with each other in a playroom without walls. This February, InterPlay brought together women from Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, China, Turkey, Panama and the United States. Ruth Schowalter and Canan Arikan facilitated!

A "playroom" without walls! That is what we are doing with online Global SIS: InterPlay. How amazing to find an online platform like Zoom (thank you InterPlay Body Wisdom Office)! Zoom allows to see each other in a gallery view, write each other in a chat box, and go to break out rooms. We can tell stories and dance together.

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