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Online Global SIS: InterPlay

April 2020

InterPlay Atlanta leaders Ruth Schowalter and Canan Arikan (leader-in-training) brought women from around the world together online for the 8th time using the miracle of ZOOM


We are sustained by each one of our sisters! More than 25 of us SISters gathered for Online Global SIS for two hours of InterPlay. Women zoomed in from China, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Italy, England, Oklahoma, Michigan, North Carolina, Virginia, Idaho, Massachusetts, Washington and Georgia (women from Korea, Turkey, Venezuela and Mexico living in Atlanta).


In some cases, technology prevented some of our SISters from staying on the entirety of the call. We had a guest leader, LinSun Simthong, who knocked our socks off with her superb leading of the InterPlay warmup and Walk Stop Run with the intentionality of self care, love and nurturance. We are so grateful for our worldwide community of women who come together for a few short hours of InterPlay.

"For the April Online Global SIS: InterPlay 2020, Canan Arikan and I invited our international SISters to play around the spaces we create for our minds.  InterPlay cofounder Cynthia Winton-Henry writes about giving the mind more space by taking off your mental lid in her book, Move: What the Body Wants:


 “It turns out that we hold our minds in too-small a physical space, a box the size of a skull. To think outside of the box, you’ve got to let your mind be as big as your bodyspirit. Your mind wants to play. Your mind wants to move around, engage, and gad about with insatiable curiosity. Your mind wants to be as big as you are. Let your mind go! Let your mind grow! Let it be big!” " - Ruth Schowalter, from the article "Taking Your Mental Lid Off!"

Read the article about the April Global SIS: InterPlay.

Taking Your Mental Lid Off!

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