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Play and Potluck


Sustaining International Sisters (SIS) invites all women to connect, inspire and support each other through 90 minutes of InterPlay and 90 minutes of a shared meal. Our "play and potluck" takes place on the first Saturday of every month in the Atlanta area.

Are you new to the United States or were you born here? Are you a temporary visitor or are you making the U.S. your new home away from home? Are you looking for nurturance or connection?

Join InterPlay Leader Ruth Schowalter and InterPlay Leader-in-Training Canan Arikan for three hours of community building through telling stories, playing with movement, and networking.

We believe in you! You are enough! Know that we support the choices you make in our gatherings and ask that you make choices in the level that you participate so that you are comfortable. Bring a dish to share if you can (optional).

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