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Honoring Ramadan at the Hidden Monastery Dance Chapel with Canan Arikan

On May 20th, 2020, a few days before Ramadan concluded for 2020, the Zoom chat box was filled with comments from 7 women from Turkey, 2 from Iran, 1 from India, several Americans and others.


It was at this moment that two InterPlay worlds – Dance Chapel and Sustaining International Sisters(SIS) – were collided to honor Ramadan, a deeply religious time period for Muslims, the religion of Turkish and Iranian friends. 


First SISlet!

SISlet: A Small Gathering of International Women

Moving at the Speed of the Body for New SISters!

Twelve women have gathered to welcome Chun Fang to Sustaining International Sisters (SIS) and InterPlay.

SIS InterPlay Celebrates a Birthday during Coronavirus Quarantine

Sustaining International Sisters (Global SIS : InterPlay) met on April 24th to celebrate Chiara Pilloton's birthday and wish our Muslim SISters Ramadan Mubarak! Chiara is a SISter living in Rome, Italy, alone and is in her 3rd month of quarantine because of the 2020 Pandemic.

In attendance for Chiara's SIS birthday party were SISters from Turkey, the Philippines, Pakistan, Mexico, Venezuela, China, Brazil, Argentina, Italy, England, Laos/Thailand and the United States.


A New Article from

Co-Founder of SIS, Ruth Schowalter!

Don't miss to read it!

GLOBAL SIS Playground:

Meeting Without Walls

"We are together in a room without walls, yet we feel connected. We are women from eight different countries engaging in online “embodied play” in the spaces of our own homes, offices, or classrooms. We are from China, Turkey, Pakistan, Brazil, Argentina, Iran, Saudi Arabia and the United States listening to our body wisdom, moving, and telling our stories..." - Ruth Schowalter

First GLOBAL SIS: InterPlay Launched!

A New Article from

Co-Founder of SIS, Ruth Schowalter!

Don't miss to read it!

Atlanta InterPlay’s celebration of

30 years of InterPlay!

Thank you to InterPlay co-founders

Phil Porter and Cynthia Winton-Henry

for creating this deep, rich and playful way of

coming together as a community.

Global Sisterhood through InterPlay!

A New Article from

Co-Founder of SIS, Ruth Schowalter!

Don't miss to read it!

Celebrating Yue

September 21st was special in so many ways for InterPlay SISters in Atlanta! This Saturday we celebrated Yue Cao, a Chinese Georgia Tech Visiting Scholar. Yue has been a SIS participant since the beginning of SIS a year ago in October 2019. Yue will return to her country in October. 

SIS Presentation at Georgia Tech

SIS co-founder Canan Arikan delivered a PowerPoint presentation to women from around the world about our Saturday “InterPlay & Potluck' gatherings.

Radio Free Activists Program

SIS co-founders were on the Radio Free Activists Program with Brian Sherman at the local radio station - WRFG!


What is InterPlay?


A New Article from Ruth Schowalter about Sustaining International Sisters! Don't miss to read it!

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