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Canan's Notes #2:

Thursday, July 18, 2019 

Art & Social Change Program

Oakland, CA

Kira Allen, InterPlay Certified Leader from Oakland is leading!


Canan Arikan and Kira Allen

Certified InterPlay Leader Kira is a lovely, friendly, strong woman! After sharing why we came to this program and how we use InterPlay in our lives, she started with a children’s song, "The hokey pokey." We sang and moved together, and it was so much fun.

Here is a stanza from 'The Hokey Pokey' so you can get an idea of

what it is if you are like me from another country and never heard

it before. 


You put your right foot in

You take your right foot out

You put your right foot in

And you shake it all about

You do the hokey pokey

And you turn yourself around

That's what it's all about

Then we did a “walk about”! We sat on the floor in a circle

and brought our feet all together in the center.

We were like a daisy all together! Daisy is my favorite flower!

We started with this phrase “Did you know that…”.  During this time, you have the permission to talk or not talk, you can dance, you can move, you can walk or be still. Again, each of us was given permission to choose what to do according to our own body wisdom. I could start when I wanted, or I could ignore walking. All participants walked in so many different ways and feelings. Having sadness, joy, happiness, grief, excitement, humor in the same circle was very helpful to release and support each other. 


NOTICING: I felt very connected to everyone’s story. I laughed with friends and also, I cried with them. Everyone was very heartfelt. My emotions were up and down, up and down. I experienced such richness for me. At the end we honored ourselves and moved with the song “break the chain”. It was a very deep and rich experience for me.

would like to share a youtube video of "Break the chain" with you: 

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