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Online Global SIS: InterPlay

March 2020

InterPlay Atlanta leaders Ruth Schowalter and Canan Arikan (leader-in-training) brought women from around the world together online for the 7th time using the miracle of ZOOM.


Saturday, March 21st is significant for many reasons. Those from China (Yue Cao, Tianqi Hao, and Saba) are beginning to move about their country now after China has succeeded in mitigating the spread of the coronavirus. Chiara Pilloton, from Italy, is on lockdown in her country and really needing extra love and connection. Diana Elizabeth in Argentina is just now adjusting the quarantine her country has imposed. Those of us in the United States (including our Turkish sisters shown here), are now experiencing voluntary quarantine. There was such warmth and reassurance that we experienced just seeing each other's faces or just hearing each other's voices if the internet connection wasn't good enough. Thank you InterPlay!

Approximately 20 women from around the world met today to offer laughter, stories, movement - the kind that sustains us, connects us, and brings us joy. The Internet is moody and powerful and whimsical. But we women played with and managed the Internet challenges. Some women we couldn't see. Some women were popping on and off. Trouble with volume. Learning curves for some new participants. But PLAY and SPIRIT triumphed! Yay us GIRLS! We did it. Countries Represented: Argentina, China, Iran, Italy, Pakistan, Laos/Thailand, Spain, Turkey, USA.

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