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Online Global SIS: InterPlay

Naming and Moving the Dream

January 2020

InterPlay Atlanta’s Sustaining International Sisters (SIS) met online for the first time in 2020. Co-leading two hours of InterPlay, Canan Arikan and Ruth Schowalter connected with 14 women from Iran, Turkey, Japan, China, Italy and the United States. There was magic as each woman discovered her guiding word(s) and named her dream for this new year. Stay tuned for more of Online Global SIS: InterPlay in the upcoming year.

We did it! Our third online Global SIS:InterPlay! Canan Arikan and Ruth Schowalter are excited about staying connected with international SISters as they return to their countries and leave us behind in Atlanta. It is such a joy to InterPlay with Yue Cao, Tianqi Hao, and Chiara Pilloton! For this first online Global SIS of 2020, we were joined by two former InterPlayers from the spouse ESL class at Emory University. Moe and Erika from Japan joined us! It was also fun to have American InterPlayers come online and participate in our international community of women. Thanks to Rachel Henning, Kathleen, Darlene Kucken, Marci, and Darlene. We welcomed new SISter Yuting from China.

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Global SIS: InterPlays with Guiding Words

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