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Online Global SIS: InterPlay

December 2019

Sustaining International Sisters are playing globally in a room without walls! Our Zoom Room allows us to meet across time and around the world. We are continuing to play with one another as our sisters return home to their countries. And at home, one sister is introducing other women to InterPlay!

Think about doing InterPlay with us from your computer! Sara M. Motlaghian discovered this way of playing in her own home gave her a new sense of freedom! She could step away from the camera and do whatever she wanted. In InterPlay, we invite the "evil twin" to come out and play. Sara discovered her evil twin on her own! Read in this blogpost what she discovered! We were also joined by new InterPlayers in China and Argentina! What a fun playground we have SISTERS! 

We had women who are still visiting the United States join us. Laura Lorena from Brazil will return to her country at the end of January and we were so happy for her to join us. Sara M. Motlaghian from Iran who lives here in Atlanta also came online. We were delighted to see dear Hussah from Saudi Arabia, who uses InterPlay in her college classroom. Also fun to visit with were Tianqi Hao and Yue Cao, who are back in China. Yue gets an award for bringing online for the first time, Saba from Pakistan and three other Chinese women, Bing, LiPing, and Ruixue. A lovely surprise was Diana Elizabeth from Argentina!!! She is a paleontologist and colleague of my husband. What a great time we had! It feels like a miracle!

Read about our second "soft launch" of Global SIS: InterPlay.

Global SIS Playground: Meeting Without Walls

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