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InterPlay Atlanta Celebrates
30 years of InterPlay!
October 26th was special  for InterPlay Atlanta! This Saturday we celebrated 30th anniversary of InterPlay. What a wonderful journey!
After a delicious Multicultural lunch feast, celebration started with the video of "What is InterPlay?".
InterPlay Leaders and Leaders-in-Training played and shared what has InterPlay Atlanta been up to in our Community and Nation by rotating gesture choir. 
Soul Print Players interplayed to honor Jennifer Denning (Co-founder of InterPlay Atlanta). We were excited to celebrate Jennifer Denning as our "Spirit of InterPlay" Awardee. 
Sustaining International Sisters attended to the celebration with sisters from China, Turkey, and the United States. 
Yay to InterPlay! Thank you to InterPlay co-founders Phil Porter and Cynthia Winton-Henry for creating this deep, rich and playful way of coming together as a community. InterPlay is 30 years old!