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SIS is a community where I feel very happy, enthusiastic and excited. I’ve been learning a lot of new things from wonderful women, and I will always remember that. Due to the pandemic, we meet through Zoom, but our hearts, spirits, and feelings are still together. I plan on staying in touch with SIS from Mexico, so we can still share moments no matter the distance. Thanks forever! 

— Patricia, Mexico

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Participating in the Global SIS meetings has been a gift to me. Living in a culture that is not originally mine, I experience a rescue of the feeling of belonging by joining with these wonderful women. The group’s cultural diversity is amazing and makes me think, feel and learn in an intense and wide way. It is a joy for me to connect and be inspired by this community of strong, beautiful, and brave women through InterPlay. I feel amazing using my voice, my body, and my spirit to express myself. I thank Ruth and Canan for inviting me to participate. Sharing time, thoughts, ideas, and feelings with this group is a unique experience that I do not intend to leave any time soon.

— Sandra, Brazil

SIS gives me the feelings of being a part of a great, warm and happy family. I can trust and lean from other members. I receive help and support with no expectation of returning back the favor. I can be myself without the fear of judgment. I am not alone with my beautiful sisters. SIS helped me to grow from inside. I learned how strong, creative and happy we can be together as a whole and also individually. Thank you Sisters. Thank you Ruth! 

— Sarah, Iran

SIS is a place where we can safely express the feelings that we have at that moment. It is like therapy that helps us release all the stress and help us to get confidence in ourselves. In addition, in the potluck that we share after the activities, I have met many interesting women with diverse backgrounds from other countries. Also, the food is delicious and I have learned many new recipes.

— Elizabeth, Ecuador

I felt that I had a family when I started to go on Sustaining International Sisters SIS. I was not lonely anymore in Atlanta. I made wonderful friends from around the world and I could learn about their cultures. We connected during Interplay activities and our talk while we had lunch together. I reinvented myself out of my comfort zone and far from my home country. Interplay and Sustaining International Sisters (SIS) helped me to be more confident and express myself in another language. Joy and kindness are my feelings about the Sustaining International Sisters, Canan, and Ruth. Thank you, dear sisters!

— Laura, Brazil

SIS is for me a real example of how the world should work. Each one of us comes from every part of the world and is unique, but when we are joined together we create a unique thing. I understand that we can live together, share together, and have fun together. Each meeting, I noticed that there were no language barriers among us but only cultural differences that elevated us.  InterPlay permits us to understand that we can communicate better, using our gestures, dancing, singing and hugging ourselves, following our true nature overcoming our fears. It was a great help to pull down the walls of my comfort zone and to discover a new Chiara.

— Chiara, Italy

SIS is a wonderful and amazing place to make you feel something new in your heart. You may feel tired sometimes, but once you encourage yourself to join in SIS and play together, wow, you will see things are getting better and better. Open your heart, open your body, listen to your body and see what is needed is deep. Thinking about yourself, free from everything that bothers you. You are just a little girl when we are playing, dancing, talking, thinking, and connecting.

— Yue, China

I love being part of the SIS community. It has been an excellent way to meet wonderful women and learn about their cultures and also share mine. You will always feel welcome and you know that you are joining a group of supporting and caring people looking forward to being more aware of themselves and have a bigger understanding of the world. 

— Laura, Colombia

I feel I’m not alone because I have many international sisters.  We are strong together. 

— Hatice, Turkey

SIS gives me a wonderful opportunity to be with women whose lives have been quite different from my own, and to share a common experience of expression through InterPlay.

— Rachel, United States

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