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Online Global SIS: InterPlay

Sustaining International Sisters (SIS) invites all women

to connect, inspire and support each other through InterPlay.

No matter where you live,

SIS invites you to meet online from all over the world!

Join InterPlay Leader Ruth Schowalter and InterPlay Leader Canan Arikan

for two hours of community building through telling stories, playing with movement, and networking.


Saba, Pakistan

"I love being part of the InterPlay team. I love to connect with other people, and InterPlay gives me the best opportunity to do that along with a very healthy discussion and physical movements for the body. Doing InterPlay helps us create affection bonds with each other. I feel that I am connected with my soul sisters, my besties. The encouragement and positive vibes I get from this InterPlay group are fantastic.  I am thankful to Ruth, Canan, and Yue who welcomed me with open arms. Being in this quarantine period, it is one social activity I still have. How amazing is that? You are alone, but you are not. InterPlay’s message feels like this to me: love yourself, say anything you want, and make any funny faces and voices. Whereas so many things are stressful nowadays, this gathering of sisters doing InterPlay tells me still there is so much good. I have met beautiful people via this platform and am looking forward to meeting other people." 

-Saba Yasmeen, Pakistan, Online Global SIS

"Last Saturday was my first time participating in an online Global SIS meeting and also my first experience with InterPlay. One word comes to mind when I think about these moments shared with women around the world: beauty. Women from different backgrounds, ethnicities, and cultural identities, sharing, learning, and listening to themselves and others. It felt tribal in a way. In a great way. I felt like the spectator and participant of something beautiful and unique." 

-Diana, Argentina


Diana, Argentina

“I found the online experience with SIS to be intimate. I was expecting to enjoy the connection, but I expected to feel, perhaps, a little removed. The interactions were fluid and natural. The breakout session was particularly engaging. It gave me an opportunity to know one of the participants from overseas a little better, and we formed a bond.” 

- Liz Lescault, InterPlay Leader, Washington, DC, United States

Liz Lescault_Global SIS_2010.jpg

Liz, USA


Yue, China

“It’s so exciting that we can be with each other online. We feel excitement with the music, topics, and laughter coming from every person through our computers.  At some moment, you can feel you are not alone that the sisters are around you. It definitely was a wonderful experience.” 

- Yue, InterPlayer since Fall 2018 & GT Visiting Scholar


Chiara, Italy

"I’m grateful to Global SIS because it was another experience for me being part of a global union after doing InterPlay with SIS in Atlanta. For two hours, 10 girls from different parts of the world with different time zones seemed to be in the same room. It was incredible! InterPlay worked another time. In this meeting, I found the proof that the distance can’t be a problem if we feel linked and joined. It should be necessary in all countries of the world." 

- Chiara, InterPlayer since August 2019 while being a GT Visiting Scholar

"Global SIS was a really refreshing moment for me. Living abroad can be really lonely, but this online meeting was such a touching moment. It reminded me of my American days and of the playful approach to life and work which is different than the Russian and Bosnian way. I'm a Bosnian in Russia and like I said it can be very lonely path. Yesterday, you girls made me feel part of a world group. Part of a community. Part of a sisterhood. A joyful moment." 

– Alma, Fullbright Scholar at GT


Alma, Bosnia

“The Global SIS meeting was a rich gathering of love and connection. It’s a unique experience to share the movement of our bodies and to interact intimately though we are in different places in the planet.” 

- H.A., Recipient of Certificate of Applied InterPlay for Educators, August 2017

Screen Shot 2019-11-19 at 6.27.45 PM.png

H., Saudi Arabia

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