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Sustaining International Sisters August! 

Flower Power! If we could all move together, connecting with ourselves, each other and nature, what might the world be like? Yes, the world is already beautiful and there is so much to explore and discover in our own gardens, but it is so exciting and expansive to peer into and play in the gardens of others.


We are one big world garden! More than 35 women from Turkey, China, Bulgaria, Colombia, Brazil and the United States gathered for InterPlay Atlanta’s Sustaining International Sisters August 2019! We did it! Dancing Flowers guest facilitated our “Play and Potluck.” Lori Teague and Lesly Fredman led us in movement that offered us ways to explore our inner flower. We named our flower and gathered in bouquets and played around with shape, stillness and movement.


The community we co-created in one morning through Interplay, dance and potluck was rich with laughter, shared stories and good food.

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