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Sustaining International Sisters December!

Celebrating the gifts of the 2019! 

What were the gifts that 2019 brought you? What do you want to savor and remember? What do you want to release? Sustaining International Sisters (SIS) of InterPlay Atlanta played with these questions at their December "play and potluck."


Women from around the world came together for an evening of connection, learning, and inspiration in the home of a Turkish SISter, Guldane, in Alpharetta, Georgia, USA. After feasting on delicious international foods, SISters engaged in 90 minutes of InterPlay telling stories about 2019 and whatever else came up as they paired with different partners, moved, spoke in made up languages and relaxed.


A fun aspect of meeting in a private home was being able to stretch out on the comfortable carpeted floor to do a one-hand dance in a flower formation. One SISter from Pakistan said the experience reminded her of being home in her country sleeping out on the terrace under the starlit night. Another SISter from Turkey got an unresistable urge to plan a camping trip.


Following the InterPlay play session, we opened gifts and ate dessert. We were so lucky one SISter from Jamaica/Atlanta wore a Santa hat and played Santa!

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