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Can you see the connection and love between sisters?


It was such an amazing SIS gathering.


33 sisters were there to share, connect and support. 

Sustaining International Sisters February 2019! 

Women from Turkey, Iran, China, Mexico, UK, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, and the United States played around with “speaking heart” and “ordinary courage” for this Valentines month! What is “ordinary courage”? Think of the root of courage being “cor” or heart. To speak and listen with our hearts then might be said to be ordinary acts of courage.


When we gather for Sustaining International Sisters we have the opportunity to relax and tune into our hearts and to listen to ourselves and other women from around the world. We engage in 90 minutes of InterPlay - an active creative way to unlock the wisdom of of our bodies - and then share delicious homemade dishes.


Canan Arikan and Ruth Schowalter are so grateful for this opportunity to serve our multiple communities (the Turkish women living in metro Atlanta, International women living and working here, International students and visiting scholars from Georgia State, SCAD, and Georgia Tech, and the American women who want to connect).

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