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Sustaining International Sisters January!

Happy New Year 2020! 

Happy New Year 2020 from the Sustaining International Sisters of InterPlay Atlanta!


More than 20 of us InterPlayed together on this rainy day in Georgia! Women from Turkey, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Colombia, China, Jamaica, South Korea, and the United States spent from 10:00 to past 1:00 together, talking, moving, creating, and eating.


We celebrated the new year by playing around with "guiding words" - words that we could plant in our "flower gardens" for 2020.


Certified InterPlay Leader Ruth Schowalter and InterPlay Leader in Training Canan Arikan co-facilitated this InterPlay workshop for international and American women.


The goal is to share, inspire, and connect with one another. We had a great beginning for 2020!

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