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Sustaining International Sisters June! 

Yes to InterPlay! Yes to Sisterhood and connecting in sneaky deep playful ways with one another! Here in the Metro-Atlanta area we are bringing women together from around the world. Through play and potluck, we are getting to know one another. We experience joy, relaxation, connection, inspiration, creativity, and more when we gather.


June 2019 gathering of Sustaining International Women (SIS) brought together women from Turkey, Taiwan, Brazil, Spain, China, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Colombia, and the United States. For more than 3 hours we gathered for a "play and potluck."


This month, we played around with summer fun and Father's Day. We told stories and danced on behalf of the men in our lives. We savored the summer when life is at its fullest during long daylight hours.


Our shared meal after 90 minutes of InterPlay allowed us to enjoy Sisters' homemade food from Brazil, China, Spain, and Turkey and more.


As we said good-bye to one another, we reflected on how we felt connected, inspired, and supported. The energy and relaxation we experienced allows us to be more fully ourselves.

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