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Sustaining International Sisters March!

Happy International Women's Day! 

Happy International Women’s Day SISters!

Sneaky deep connections were made today during our play and potluck. More than 20 women from 10 different countries came together for 2 hours of InterPlay and a feast of international dishes at our potluck afterwards.


At this InterPlay Atlanta gathering, facilitators Canan Arikan and Ruth Schowalter were happy to welcome so many new women to Sustaining International Sisters. Represented countries were Colombia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Guinea, China, Mexico, Taiwan, Bulgaria, Pakistan, and the United States.

Congratulations to Canan Arikan, InterPlay leader-in-training, who led for an hour today. Canan and Ruth Schowalter felt excited to share InterPlay with so many first time InterPlayers. 

InterPlay is such an easeful way to come together and share our lives. SIS offers women from around the world the opportunity to savor each other’s life experiences both the similarities and differences. 

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