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Sustaining International Sisters Iftar Dinner! 

InterPlay Atlanta's Sustaining International Sisters met together on Saturday, May 18th, 2019, to break the fast with their Turkish Muslim sisters. More than 30 women from Pakistan, Israel, Canada, Libya, China, Brazil, Spain, Ecuador, Turkey, Iraq and the United States came together at one of the Turkish SIS InterPlayer's home in Alpharetta, Georgia. Two Turkish women drove in from the Atlanta suburb to midtown and filled their cars with SIS participants who were experiencing an Iftar for the first time. 

The large spacious home had four tables set for a feast to share their tradition of breaking the daylong fast of Ramadan. The abundance of delicious food spilling off of kitchen counters and tables filled everyone with gratitude. 

But first we gathered in a large comfortable bonus room to meet one another through the forms and tools of InterPlay. Canan Arikan, co-founder of SIS and InterPlay Leader-in-Training, welcomed everyone and informed them of our evening's program and also explained some things about Ramadan and Iftar. Ruth Schowalter, SIS co-founder and Certified InterPlay Leader, led an hour of InterPlay warm up, babbling, hand to hand contact and a one-hand dance on behalf of our communities.

We ate, shared our lives, and laughed. Following our delicious meal, we had tea and traditional Turkish desserts together in the bonus room. 

Many thanks to the Turkish women who made this SIS Iftar so special through their labors of love. In deep gratitude to Phil Port and Cynthia Winton-Henry for co-creating InterPlay, an active creative way to unlock the wisdom of the body. We all are indebted to you for the deeply respectful improvisational system you have given the world. InterPlay brings communities together and invites us to be ourselves while we get to know each other.

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