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Sustaining International Sisters May!

InterPlay Atlanta’s Sustaining International Sisters (SIS) met online for its first Saturday for the second time since the 2020 quarantine began. InterPlay leader Ruth Schowalter and InterPlay leader in training Canan Arikan facilitated 2 hours of storytelling and movement with more than 20 women attending from 10:00 am to noon (EST).

May SIS 2020 played around with the 4 Movement Patterns (swing, thrust, hang and shape). We moved and we made marks! We began and ended our InterPlay time together by writing our names and some kind of shape or symbol. Movement impacts how we think and feel; how we think and feel impacts our behaviors. And our behavior impacts outcomes. 


It was exciting to meet with women from all over the world to do 2 hours of InterPlay! It was new for us to have a SISter from the Ukraine! Nice to meet you Lana! We also welcomed for the first time Amal from Saudi Arabia! Other countries represented were Taiwan, Pakistan, China, Korea, Turkey, Italy, England, Venezuela, Philippines, Panama and the United States.

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