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Sustaining International Sisters November!

Time & The Day of the Death! 

November 2019 Sustaining International Sisters (SIS) took place on one of the first chilly Saturday’s this Fall.


Time Change, Chronos Time, Kairos Time, and The Day of the Dead! SIS InterPlayed with these themes. Our SIS fell on the second day of the Mexican celebration of the Day of the Dead and on the day changing our clocks back one hour. It seemed appropriate to play around with our relationship to time.

Although the social hall we play in did not have a working heater, we were warmed from moving and dancing! We warmed through connecting with each other’s stories! One SISter noticed that through InterPlay connections happen quickly. She said that outside of this InterPlay community, you could meet someone six times and you would still not know each other. Through changing partners, telling micro stories, and moving our bodies the “knowing” happens magically and quickly.

Canan Arikan led us in exformation - flinging out Wheees, Whooshes, and Washes and creating a "Wheee" dance so that we could let go of the daily stresses of time and move closer to "flying" time. 

The food was delicious, the stories deep, and the connection strong. We had fun and tears.

What a beautiful sunny morning we had! We cherished our final time with Chiara Pilloton, who returns to Italy on Monday.


We welcomed new SISters from Mexico, South Korea and Colombia. And we embraced returning SISters. How fabulous that Giovana brought her daughter! Having that child energy was so special!

We are so grateful to all of you returning SISters from Colombia, Iran, Brazil, Turkey, Italy, Bulgaria, and the U.S. who attended. How exciting to have so many countries represented!

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