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Sustaining International Sisters September! 

As summer ends and we prepare to go into the fall here in the metro-Atlanta area, international and American women gathered for a Saturday morning of "play and potluck" with Sustaining International Sisters (SIS).


Engaging in 90 minutes of InterPlay, participants were invited to play around with "letting go" of things in their lives just as the trees are releasing their leaves after a long hot summer.


SIS Co-Founders Certified InterPlay Leader Ruth Schowalter and InterPlay Leader-in-Training Canan Arikan created a warm and welcoming environment for women from Turkey, Italy, Bulgaria, Japan, Iran, and the United States.


Highlights were Canan's leading the warm up and bringing everyone to laughter as they moved around the room and Ruth's giving pairs the opportunity to embody fall trees and as well as the fall agent of change. Following the morning of InterPlay, the Sisters shared a leisurely potluck meal together.


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