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Sustaining International Sisters October!

Happy Second Birthday Sustaining International Sisters!

Congratulations on bringing women together from around the world to share their lives and connect through InterPlay!

Second SIS Birthday Celebration So Much Fun! We are marveling at the magic of InterPlay and how bringing women together from around the world can be so rich. We feel connected and our hearts are warmed by our Time together. Women from so many different countries participated: Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia, China, Pakistan, South Korea, Philippines, UK, Jamaica, Argentina, Brazil, Panama, Mexico, India, and the United States.


30-Second SIS Memories! We invited some SISters to tell a brief story about their SIS experience during Walk Stop Run.

Flags! Introductions at SIS are fun! SISters are curious about one another personally and culturally. One of the joys of SIS is sharing who we are and finding our similarities and appreciating and learning from the differences. Showing our national flags offers everyone an opportunity to honor the borders of cultural differences. Forming friendships across the borders is assisted by being all women —SISters.

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