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Sustaining International Sisters July!

We went looking for "treasure" with a playful heart! We played with time and the question, "what time are you on"? What objects in our homes are treasures for us? What intangible treasures do we hold in our bodies and spirits?


Canan Arikan and Ruth Schowalter, SIS Co-Founders, led more than 20 women from around the world, some living in their countries and others living in the United States. Yue from China, who has just this week returned to Shanghai from her hometown dropped in to say hello. Francesca (Jamaica and living in Atlanta) came in for some break out room chats and dances on her way to a full moon celebration. We had two women from Argentina today, Diana Elizabeth (Buenos Aires) and Katrina (U.S.). SISters, Guldane and Gulcan from Turkey but living in Atlanta, came to play.


It was exciting to have Evelyn lead the InterPlay warm up. Evenlyn is from the Philippines but lives in Idaho, U.S. Newcomers (but InterPlayers) Annie (originally from Hong Kong) and Jojo both living in California were present. Rochien from China but longtime InterPlay Atlanta SISter came on to play and say good-bye. She returns to China this month. We wish her bon voyage and ask that she stay in touch by participating in online Global SIS: InterPlay (third Saturdays). We were thankful for the presence of Xaxxie-K from Hawaii but living in the Northwest of the U.S. who is an InterPlay leader and who has been a guest SIS leader. Many thanks to women form Atlanta who came on, Silayillah, Rachel, Marcia, and Lynn. We were happy to see Radina from Bulgaria, who has been coming to SIS for almost two years. And welcome Jill Neimark, who came on for the first time from a city south of Atlanta, Macon. We are always grateful for the presence of Lynne from Love. It was with joy we experienced the brief visit from Pornthip.

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